Short Verses 

A: A silent thought, 
a quiet prayer; 
for a special person 
in God’s care. 
B: Weep not for me my beloved ones. 
My soul is overwhelmed with joy. 
I am watching over you from on High. 
C: No matter how life changes, 
no matter what we do, 
a special place within our hearts, 
is always kept for you. 
D: Your life was love and labour, 
your love for your family true, 
you did your best for all of us, 
we will always remember you. 
E: All I ask is that you will remember me at Mass and Holy Communion. 
O Mary conceived without sin, 
pray for us who have recourse to thee. 
F: Mother’s there expecting me 
father’s waiting too, 
lots of folk gathered there 
all the friends I knew. 
G: Fold him, O Jesus, in Thy arms, 
and let him henceforth be 
a messenger of love between 
our human hearts and Thee. 
H: As each day dawns, we think of you; as each night falls, we pray for you 
and throughout our lives,  
no matter where;  
in our hearts you are always there. 
I: We hold you close within our hearts 
and there you shall remain, 
to walk with us throughout our lives 
until we meet again. 
J: We lost a mother (father) with a 
heart of gold, 
how much we miss her (him), 
can never be told. 
In our thoughts forever! 
K: Those who die in grace go no 
further from us than God 
and God is very near. 
L: Sacred Heart of Jesus 
have mercy on his (her) soul. 
M: Peace is the serenity of the soul, 
the tranquility of the mind 
and the simplicity of the heart. 
N: Love crosses every horizon 
and entwines our hearts 
for an eternity. 
O: Thou hast made us O Lord,  
for Thyself and our hearts  
shall find no rest till  
they rest in Thee. -St. Augustine 
P: Weeping may remain for a night; 
but rejoicing comes in the memory. 
Q: Some people come into our lives 
and quickly go. 
Some stay awhile and leave  
footprints in our hearts. 
R: We have loved him (her) in life, 
let us not forget him (her) in death. 
S: He (She) has gone no further 
from us than to God; 
and God is very near. 
T: Let us not mourn their loss  
but rather be grateful for  
having had them, 
indeed for having them still. 
U: There’s aways a reason for living 
though sad your heart may be. 
There’s always another horizon 
beyond the one you see. 
V: “Life gives us brief moments 
with another...but sometimes 
in those brief moments we get 
memories that last a life time...” 
W: Just a prayer from the family 
who loved you, 
just a memory fond and true. 
In our hearts you will live forever, 
because we thought the world of you. 
X:“All I ask is that wherever you may be, you will remember me at Holy Communion and at the foot  
of the altar.” -St. Monica. 
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